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CoD4 Challenge Final Announcement

After weeks of blistering shoot-outs, tense finishes (and the odd whitewash!) we now know who will be battling it out for the £2,750 CoD4 prize.

Tonight at 20:00 (UK time) Western Wolves will take on Phantasmagoria in what’s sure to be a hard-fought contest.

You can watch the action live through QuadV and we’ll post up videos tomorrow so you don’t miss out!

Good luck to both teams – who needs the Olympics with this going on!

3 Is The Number

It’s a safe bet to assume that if a new game sells in big numbers it will get a sequel and potentially build into an established franchise. While it may not be very original, it is a route that publishers go down to almost guarantee more revenue and satisfy fan demand. The new IPs pose more of a risk factor, but it is good to see them, and of course, a successful series such as Call of Duty has to start somewhere.

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FIVE Games that SHOULD have a zombie mode

The 6th of July was a good day for 3 reasons; It was International Kissing Day, Activision announced a Walking Dead FPS…. and it was your birthday! (365/1)

Since then things have felt rather glum. I’m now getting in trouble (again) when I randomly run up to girls kissing them, It’s no longer your birthday AND I’ve realised I don’t actually like Zombie games. Yes I’ve played Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Island, Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and almost every other game containing the word ‘Dead’.

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Posted By GS_Sap @ 19 Jul, 2012 12:01 am