Be The MMO Super Hero – Or Villain!

Be The MMO Super Hero – Or Villain! Description:

Prefer to reign supreme as a Super Hero or Villain? Take your battles online with these Massively-Multiplayer Online games.

Be The MMO Super Hero – Or Villain!:

Marvel Heroes

Release Date: 27 Nov, 2012

Marvel Heroes is an online free-to-play title featuring the cast of Marvel characters including Iron Man, ...


Transformers Universe

Release Date: 04 Dec, 2012

Transformers Universe is an online title featuring the cast of the Transformers series. It features many ...


Champions Online

Release Date: 01 Sep, 2009

Champions Online is a massively multiplayer title from the creators of City of Heroes and Villains, ...


City of Heroes

Release Date: 01 Feb, 2005

City of Heroes is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Cryptic Studios. It enables ...


Gotham City Impostors

Release Date: 07 Feb, 2012

Gotham City Impostors is an online first-person shooter where players battle for control of Gotham City. ...