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What is Pulse?

Pulse is GameShadow's new App' specially designed for PC gamers.

It's completely free and optional but will improve your GameShadow experience!

Better Downloads

  • Downloading from the GameShadow website is even better with Pulse,
  • ... for certain, very popular, downloads you will be given faster download speeds and priority,
  • ... you'll also be able to start a download, pause it and continue it later to help manage your bandwidth,

Catch Up Faster

  • You'll be able to check the very latest Videos & Downloads right from your desktop,
  • ... your Personalised Edition of GameShadow will help you stay up to date with all the games you follow,
  • ... you can watch video and download files without ever opening your browser.

Game Detection

  • Pulse can find find all the games you have installed on your PC,
  • ... this is great for managing large PC game libraries,
  • ... we'll also check you're on the latest versions and offer any patches available.

Remote Downloads

  • When a GameShadow account & Pulse are paired up Remote Downloads become avaliable,
  • ... say your away from your PC and find out an awesome new Demo / Patch / Mod has been release,
  • ... you can start that download remotely so if your PC at home is on it will be there waiting for you.