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Unreal Tournament 2004 UT2004 Mega Pack

UT2004 Mega Pack Description:

The UT2004 MegaPack - an early Merry Christmas from the folks at Epic Games and a thank you to all of the Unreal Tournament 2004 owners out there. This long-rumoured and surprise pack is comprised of a number of Make Something Unreal Contest winners and a handful of unreleased maps from contracted level designers. Not content to just zip a nonet of third party maps, Epic took these promising maps and helped polish them to a shine. If you`ve played an earlier version of any of these maps, you`ll find most of them altered a good deal. In this feature we`ll serve up a few screenshots and a description of what`s in store. If you`re new to Unreal Tournament 2004 or just don`t have the Editor`s Choice Edition downloadable content, you`ll want to download the full MegaPack above, as it includes the latest patch and the Editor`s Choice Edition assets that many third part add-ons require.

UT2004 Mega Pack Details:
Added: 14 Dec, 2005Filesize: 200.56 MB

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