Unreal Tournament 2004/

Unreal Tournament 2004 Community Bonus Pack Volume 1

Community Bonus Pack Volume 1 Description:

This gargantuan effort contains no less than 41 maps, 2 player models, 6 skins and 3 mutators, split into 2 separate volumes. Volume 1 contains the following maps: AS-Thrust; BR-Aquarius; CTF-Decadence; CTF-Deep; CTF-Gazpacho; CTF-Skorbut; DM-Achilles; DM-Archipelago; DM-Azures; DM-Griffin; DM-Kadath; DM-Khrono; DM-Masurao; DM-Reconstruct; DM-Summit; DM-TelMecoMex; DOM-Summit; ONS-Argento; ONS-Mirage; ONS-Tropica; ONS-Valarna

Community Bonus Pack Volume 1 Details:
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