Total War: Rome II Announcement Trailer

Announcement Trailer Description:

Sega has released this live action trailer announcing Total War: Rome II.

Announcement Trailer Details:
Added: 03 Jul, 2012
  • ko33bc

    TOTAL WAR….the best strategy game for ever !!!

  • jaydi

    nice movie but i would rather see game footage.

  • Bullwinkle

    I’m still playing Total War Rome – I’ve been playing it for years now. By far the best wargame out there.


    PLEASE don’t tell me it’s on Steam…PLEASE!!!!

  • alan

    not on steam i hope ! i will buy the game but i dont see why i should have to have steam to play it .Once bought , i should be able to play it witout the constant messing about with steam . after all it will be my game , not valves !

  • Michael Sykes

    I will only buy this game if it isn’t in any way connected to STEAM. Once I’ve paid full price for this game its mine to do with as I please. I also shouldn’t have to use steam as this has ruined my gaming experience for years now. Its got to the stage where if a game is tied to STEAM I wont purchase it. BE AWARE ANY GAMERS OUT THERE. IF IT SAYS STEAM IS INVOLVED DON’T BUY IT.

  • Angelikova

    Oh come on! What’s wrong with Steam. I think they’re great! I get all my updates right away and without any problems and i get all my games much cheaper from them.

  • dillon

    I really don’t understand why they show stupid videos for total war trailers that give us no idea what the game looks like or what new features it will include. I believe they did the same thing for the first one.

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