Crossroads Gameplay Trailer Description:

The following Tomb Raider gameplay trailer reveals more from the game's storyline.

Crossroads Gameplay Trailer Details:
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  • George

    this game looks like trash…Laura used to be so fun to play the game goes dark.

  • John

    I never thought it would be me saying this BUT I think I liked the old, cartoon-ey “stick figure with boobs” Lara better than the new, photo-realistic Lara. Maybe the first PS2 iteration was her best look. After that, my interest waned… I wanted to watch this video but the loading/buffering lags were too much to bear. I guess I’ll be keeping my money…

  • Luni

    Seriously wtf is this??? It doelent look like tomb raider at all it looks like splinter cell on Lost island with gameplay being 90% QTE.
    I seriously hope that im wrong, but this looks like crap… Graphick looks nice but gameplay sucks hard. Like i said not tomb raider at all…

  • WolfDrache

    Well i like the trailer and it looks like this is where Laura Croft becomes the Tomb raider. Her begings good i like it i defantly going to play this.

  • Marco

    Excellent work! New life and new adrenaline. One step beyond.

  • N4pst3r

    I like this trailer so well and everything i read about this game! I will definitely play it and i hope it is as hard and realistic as it seems. I cannot wait til the 5th march 😀

  • Croaton

    This Tomb Raider is going to be awesome! So much more realistic and dark! It will be very cool to see how Lara Croft became who she is in all of the other games! Great job guys! I can’t wait for this to be released!