SimCity GlassBox Video 1

GlassBox Video 1 Description:

The GlassBox game engine used to create SimCity is featured in this video, with focus points including the Resources, Units, Maps and Agents.

GlassBox Video 1 Details:
Added: 20 Mar, 2012
  • Mofnik

    This is exactly what I was hoping for! It looks amazing, I cant wait for it to be released.

  • Simanticus

    I’m amazed, with all of the SimCity wannabee games, that it took MAXIS to do it right, not a watered down, dumbed down version of SimCity 4 (aka SimCity Societies), but a REAL CITY SIMULATOR taken to the next level, a level of detail that could only be achieved with the increased computing power of today’s computers.

    While I look forward to its completion, I truly hope, and I believe, from reading many SimCity 4 players, that this will truly be the SimCity we have all been waiting for – SimCity 4, not dumbed down, but SMART and detailed.

    If this is the case – MAXIS – you will make BILLIONS!