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Sid Meier`s Gettysburg!

Sid Meier`s Gettysburg! Description:

Sid Meier`s Gettysburg! is a real-time game simulating one of the most dramatic battles in history. 3-D animated soldiers, cannons, cavalry and generals that move, change formation, fire, retreat and attack in real time. Accurate, scalable and rotatable 3-D view of the Gettysburg battlefield. Smooth, icon-driven command system allows you to command your troops using realistic tactics and strategy. Key factors such as morale, formation, terrain and firepower are automatically handled by the computer and clearly displayed for the player. Historically accurate scenarios, generals and orders of battle Command either Union or Confederate armies

Sid Meier`s Gettysburg! Details:

Civilization V: Gods and Kings is the latest game in the Sid Meier Franchise.

Release Date: 20 Nov, 1998Added: 20 Nov, 1998

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