E3 2012 Gameplay Video Description:

The very first look at the singleplayer gameplay from Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

E3 2012 Gameplay Video Details:
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  • DA FAK?

    The whole NFS series has gone to the dogs now. Where is the coolness of MostWanted? In 2005 it was there now it’s a thing of the past, EA is definitely gonna go bankrupt.

  • Sellsy39

    Looking forward to this.
    Keep up the good work

  • levmans

    i wonder if it’s too difficult to create vehicle simulator with great graphics and special effects? don’t know why but developers think that if game is simulator it must have dumb graphics and dumber damage model, or even no damage model at all. and vice versa – if there will be great graphics and damage model, then race game don’t need realistic physics and must look like this crap they call NFS. if they continue this way there will be no more interesting and breathtaking racing games like was NFS or NFS 3 Hot Pursuit…