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Medal of Honor – Spearhead

Medal of Honor – Spearhead Description:

Medal of Honor - Spearhead sees allied forces team up once again to combat the evil Nazi forces in France, Belgium, and eventually, Germany itself. After dropping into Normandy on D-Day players begin the first of three missions (nine levels in all) and meet up with British allies as you rip apart the Nazi presence in the area. There is a great deal of team-based action in this expansion pack, as it seems that the developers chose to push all of the gameplay elements that excelled in Allied Assault. It`s a rare occasion that you`ll find yourself alone within Spearhead. Most of the time, you will instantly fail whatever mission you`re undertaking if the commander of the squad is killed.

Medal of Honor – Spearhead Details:

Medal of Honor – Warfighter is the latest game in the Medal of Honor Franchise.

Release Date: 06 Dec, 2002Added: 06 Dec, 2002

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