GRID 2 Announcement Trailer

Announcement Trailer Description:

Codemasters has released the first trailer for GRID 2 and it features a selection of cars, locations and race tracks.

Announcement Trailer Details:
Added: 08 Aug, 2012
  • Got The Speed

    Well it sounds good, and judging from GRID it also looks good, I hope they made the cars more realistic to drive 🙂
    The first part really made me think of NFS though… 🙁

  • Drift Machine

    The first grid was awesome. It is my favorite game of all time so far. Hope they don’t leave out drifting. that was my favorite part of that game. I really would like to be part of this beta.

  • Naberios

    How the cars handled was what made the first GRID one of my favorite racing games. I hope they don’t screw with the driving mechanics too much.

    Beyond that, I hope they add some more demolition derby venues and vehicle types. Two tracks and one car model just wasn’t enough for me. I like the drifting too, but at least there was already a decent amount of it in the first game. As far as adding stuff goes, there’s needs to be more demo derby and a larger variety of cars.

  • Tony

    I’m still playing the first Grid. It was fantastic when I first played it and nothing has matched it since. I’m an avid Sim fan, cars, planes, you name it and have every decent sim money can buy. I’ve been waiting for news on Grid 2 and finally looks like we’ll see it. Still, how can you improve on perfection???

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