Forgotten Sacrifice Trailer Description:

The opening trailer for Company of Heroes 2 features cinematic footage setting the scene on the 2013 game.

  • Darryl

    Looks like a great game but I always wonder when they say that the American lost x# of lives Russia lost x# of lives Europe lost x# of lives but there is never any mention of the Canadian soldiers that lost x# of lives also they were in the WWII 3-4 years before the Americans now i know they all lost a lot to save our behinds but i also believe credit should be given where credit is due ……. Just my Opinion….. Darryl

    • skally

      Very true, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even India lost a lot of people during the war and are rarely recognised in games and movies, but these countries were in it from the start and played a big part in the war

  • http://Russialost26MillionPeople fatant

    I think the point is they lost 26 – 30 Million of their people and compared with any other country this must not be forgotten. They haven’t.

  • Buddha man

    Что он сказал по-русски? Непонятно же)