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Colin McRae Rally 3

Colin McRae Rally 3 Description:

Colin McRae Rally 3 challenges you to take the wheel of the internationally famous Ford Focus RS WRC, with the help of your co-driver Nicky Grist, and set the course on fire as you race to become the champion! Fight the elements; rain, sleet, snow and mist all impact visibility and the car`s handling characteristics. Test the limits of both your car and your ability, hurtling through treacherous terrain and dangerous weather conditions. The World Championship is a grueling series of races across eight international rallies, featuring many different road conditions: tarmac, gravel, snow, dirt and water. Success relies on total teamwork, split-second decision making and careful optimization of your car`s systems.

Colin McRae Rally 3 Details:

Colin McRae DIRT 2 is the latest game in the Colin McRae Franchise.

Release Date: 15 May, 2001Added: 15 May, 2001

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