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Call of Duty CoD:SWAT V.02 Beta

CoD:SWAT V.02 Beta Description:

SWAT has been in development for a year now, but most of the released product will be works from the recent 6 - 8 months. This means the early idea of what SWAT mod should be has changed. SWAT mod will be multiplayer only, with initial release of around 12-14 new full sized maps, 4 new gametypes, 13 new weapons and at least 55 new xmodels (not including weapons). The gametype is based on tactics and team work, of couse people can play any way they like, but being tactical will get the objectives done.

CoD:SWAT V.02 Beta Details:
Added: 15 Jun, 2005Filesize: 202.74 MB

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