FIVE Lessons re-learnt while playing Minecraft

I’ve been following Minecraft for quite a while but only decided to jump in after getting the trial on Xbox. Yes, I have gone for the Xbox 360 edition which I know isn’t the same – as good – as the PC one. But purely from an entertainment perceptive it did seem the logical starting point, for me at least.

In this post I’m going to share with you five ‘lessons’ Minecraft seems to highlight nicely…

5. Some people just want to destroy

Without going bedrock deep in this post it does seem we rarely go a full day without hearing about an explosion, jet getting shot down or evil dictator. What often follows is the question “why?”

Sometimes these things have reasons; other times the reason is simply anarchy.

I re-learnt this on my first day of playing Minecraft. After several hours of punching trees, pigs and stone I became the proud owner of a diamond pickaxe and log cabin. At this point I called a buddy over to give the splitscreen a go. Although he had never even heard of Minecraft before he had no problem learning how to burn my fucking house down with a bucket of lava!

My house, my pickaxe and me were all incinerated. Why? Well, some people just want to destroy. Either that or some people are just dicks!

4. Every tool can and will break

A diamond pickaxe is the toughest tool in Minecraft yet it if you hit it against stone wall enough times it will break. This isn’t really a lesson re-learnt but it does make me feel a little a better about all the tools on TV these days.

And some of them you don’t even have to repetitively smack against wall; Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears…

3. The 1st priority of survival is shelter

It is true; as an avid Bear Grylls fan the first priority of survival is indeed shelter. And if you’re also an avid fan of Bear you will know the second priority is apparently finding a stupidly high cliff to jump from.

2. We don’t need attaboys every 5 seconds to feel we’ve accomplished something

I do enjoy Call of Duty games but they highlight this point so well I have to make reference to them.  While playing the core online multiplayer you will get an almost constant stream of positive feedback popping up on your hud. On top of this at the end of the match you’re awarded accolades. There are so many it’s almost impossible NOT to get a couple. Well done, you had the “Lowest average altitude” or spent the “Most time spent in one place “. Good job soldier!

Minecraft is completely devoid of any such nonsense. If you want to feel good about your awesome blocky creation go ahead and feel proud. If however you’ve spent 3 days building something and at the end you look back and think to yourself “What a load of shit”. Then self-harm accordingly.

1. ‘Have Fun’ is a legitimate objective

My name is not written in any history books. Which I find weird as I’ve saved the word at least 50 times. Sometimes I’ve had to time travel to do so. The world needs saving dammit!

But does it need saving for us to have fun? Is that what it’s come to these days? Does a smelly, greasy, teenage gamer need the fear of the world ending before he’ll (or she’ll) sit forward 5 degrees, wiggle their thumbs and allow themselves to have a bit of non-masturbatory fun?

And you won’t get hairy palms!

Minecraft doesn’t need objectives; it’s fun and that appears to be enough for the 6.5 million+ people who have bought it.

Posted By GS_Sap @ 05 Jul, 2012 4:26 pm