FIVE Foods To Eat Whilst Gaming

Playing a video game can be hard work at times. No matter what game you’re ploughing through there are times when you just need to replenish those energy levels. After completing a tough mission, winning a match after extra-time or finally levelling up, it’s time to put the controller down and go eat! The whole argument over gamers not moving and sitting on their backside for hours and hours eating junk is old and tiresome. If someone wants to do that then it’s their choice, but I’ll keep clear of that argument.

I’ve gone for foods that may help to get your fix whilst gaming, although I wouldn’t eat them all at the same time! There is even some science in there too. Oh, and no, I’m not going to write about food-related games like Hell’s Kitchen.

1) Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Whether it is milk, dark or white chocolate, even the gluten and dairy-free alternatives for people who can’t stomach the main stuff. It tastes great, contains good antioxidants and gives you a nice mental boost. It’ll raise energy levels and set you up ready for your gaming resumption, particularly for furious button-bashing in the 100m in London 2012 or special move after special move during Street Fighter IV.

2) Turkey

In a sandwich, baguette or the full roast dinner. Turkey is packed with protein and tryptophan, the feel-good amino acid. It’s also often over-looked in place of chicken or beef. If you’re playing Team Fortress 2, there’s always time for a Sandvich before taking on opponents again.

3) Cheese

Obviously, on a pizza is the main one here. No fancy stuff, just a classic pizza with the cheese that’s packed full of calcium and can even help you get a good night’s rest after a long session shooting zombies in the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops, or other hellish enemies in a Doom title. Even those who maybe lactose intolerant could go for a slice, as if they shit themselves they can just blame it on the game getting the better of them as a zombie jumps out of nowhere.

4) Chilli

Whether it’s in a curry or a chilli con carne, a spicy meal makes you feel alive! If you’re suffering from sore eyes or a headache, then counter the pain with a chilli-meal and avoid a Painkiller (see what I did). Getting through a hot dish will give you a sense of achievement and you’ll be ready to face all opponents when you resume your game.

5) Bubble Gum (Chewing Gum also acceptable)

OK, so you can’t eat it properly like the previous items, but chewing keeps your mouth clean and more importantly helps concentration. Keep focused whilst on a long journey in Euro Truck Simulator, or taking on the track in your favourite Racing game. You can also kick ass and chew bubble gum – like the Duke.

These are the choices I’ve gone for, but if you’ve got a favourite food that you enjoy during your gaming session to get your fix, then share it with us in the comments section below. 🙂

Posted By GS_Sharpy @ 23 Aug, 2012 1:49 pm


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